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Time to Bite the Dust

December 3, 2014

With renovations officially underway, the first thing I had to get used to in my life was dust …and lots of it.


As we touched upon in the last post, the first task was the restoration of the interior stone walls, and this began with removing the layers and layers of dust which had built up over the years between the original stonework and the sheets of plasterboard.


While the plasterboard came away from the wall pretty easily (in a nice, stress busting, hammer to the wall type activity) the next task was a different story, and one I was not at all equipped for.


Before any work could begin on washing and repointing the stone, the layers of dust left had to be removed. I’m sure there are more expensive, high tech ways of blasting dust away, but I found the best (and most importantly for us, cheapest) way was with a standard wire brush. The method was simple: turn up the music, open the windows and brush away until those stones reveal themselves in all their shapes, and sizes!


As DIY debutantes, we weren’t equipped with any safety gear necessary for such a task. When motivation kicks in and you want to get on with the task you've set yourself, it is easy to miss just how much dust lingers in the air...and consequently breathed in. Without a mask, my lungs were put through some breathing challenges for the first couple of hours (NOT recommended!). 


As time went on and the cleanup mission continued, I quickly discovered my four renovation must have items:


1. A strong pair of gloves


2. A quality mask


3. Eye goggles


4. A hat or shower cap to protect my poor hair…


Now adequately equipped, the brushing continued on our three large stone columns. As the dust came away from the wall (and piled up instead on the floor…) we started to see some real results.





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