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April 16, 2015


With the end of ‘Phase One : Destruction’ and the launch of ‘Phase Two : Start Over’, we found ourselves in the month of June, working to a loose project plan, and optimistically predicting we could be all moved in for Christmas.


While happy that a portion of the work was now behind us, we were all too aware that we still had a long slog ahead, and naturally motivation had come down a notch or two from its original heightened state.


By this point we had our weekend renovation routine down. The alarm would go off at 7am on the Saturday morning and off we would trot to the boulangerie to pick up our lunch. By 9am we were at the flat and ready for work. Some days we would spend entirely indoors, sometimes we would be making several trips to the dump, and other times and were scooting around sourcing materials. Either way, we would work until 7pm before starting to wind down and head home


One thing we got into the habit of doing before leaving each evening was to tidy up after ourselves and give the place a good sweep. I can understand that for some this seems totally unnecessary, but I found by taking the time to look and see what that day’s work had accomplished was a nice pat on the back, and of course things are easier to take in when all is tidy and organised. It also made a big difference when stepping through the door the next morning. Had I been walking into a disorganised messy construction zone, I know I would have been tempted to turn around and head home for a nice mug of tea and a DVD day. So keeping things organised this way made it all easier to bear.


By 7.30/8pm we were home and ready for the highlight of the day – a hot shower! For dinner, we almost always order sushi and would then plop ourselves on the couch with an episode of Grand Designs to motivate us to go back again the next day and repeat the whole process. All in all, a rocking Saturday night!


Joking aside, Grand Designs was a true inspiration to me. I would watch these families take on dilapidated buildings, castles, lighthouses…etc. and restore them beautifully, in spite of all the difficulties they encountered along the way. I thought if they can do it, so can we (and we were talking about a 53m2 flat, never mind a castle with trees growing from the wall)! One quote I particularly remember from the show was that ‘behind all successful renovation projects lies human energy’. This certainly struck a chord with me, and I would repeat it over and over, urging myself just to keep plugging away.                                                                                                                                

7am on Sunday up we were for another day…



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