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Sanding the Beams

March 17, 2015



In my opinion, nothing epitomizes rustic charm more than exposed wooden beams. We always wanted to bring the beautiful wood back to life, hidden away under layer upon layer of paint, and while still in the demolition phase now was the time to sand.


As touched upon in a previous post, we invested in an electric belt sander as well as a countless number of sanding rolls.


We also invested in a smaller detailed sander for working in the corners and other awkward areas.


I wouldn’t say that a large amount technique goes into sanding, personally I found it was more a question of having the right equipment, perseverance and upper arm strength. The most important tip I would share is to sand the wood in the direction of the grain, going against it could leave you with some nasty scratches.


To start with, we used coarse 40 grit sandpaper rolls to take off the bulk of the paintwork. We then moved on to use medium 80 grit rolls for smoothing the wood, giving us a great finish. When sanding, make sure you are wearing the necessary safety gear including a mask, eye goggles and gloves, and prepare yourself (emotionally in my case) for wood dust!


While physically tiring, the great thing about sanding was that we started to see some real results, and fast. In total, we sanded down 4 large horizontal structural beams, and 39 (yes – 39!) vertical support beams. The transformation was dramatic, giving us a great sense of satisfaction to spur us on to the next phase.




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