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Picking the Right Pendant

May 9, 2016


If there is one thing I know about interior design, it’s that lighting is one of the key elements of a space. It can make or break the desired effect. 


Saying that, after moving into our apartment, we still lived for about 6 months with no lampshades or pendants, and made do with the bare lightbulbs hanging by their cables from the ceiling. While we started getting used to this makeshift ‘industrial’ vibe, it of course stuck out like a sore thumb, becoming one of those details which other people notice almost immediately upon stepping foot through the front door. 


After coming home from a couple of weeks holiday, and stepping in through the front door with a fresh pair of eyes, it struck me how bare the place looked with no light fittings, and how much our ‘industrial vibe’ was letting down the rest of the space. So that was that. We hadn’t worked so hard for the past 12 months than to be let down but a couple of bare bulbs! What’s more, this is the decorating part, the fun part. Why had we been putting it off so long like you would a dentists appointment?!


Mission fixed, off we went on the hunt for a couple of pendant lights for the living area. 


I think the choice of lighting can be a tricky one to get right. As well as the style, there is also the placement and light intensity to consider. With such high ceilings, and therefore space to fill, the best choice for our space was definitely a couple of pendant lights. But again when it comes to pendant lighting, there is an array of choice in terms of textures, colours and sizes. 


With our rustic, authentic vibe still in full swing, we were looking for pendants that would naturally fit with the overall feel of things, so when we came across these beauties from IKEA, we know struck gold. Made from bamboo, they gave off a soft, glowing light which gave that cosy atmosphere we were looking for. What’s more, the plaited, intertwined design created a lovely decorative pattern on the ceiling. You can snap them up here if you fancy. 


What a transformation they made, from a spooky lonesome dusty bulb to a cosy, textured light source! 


Check out the final effect below:



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