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The Northern Lights

November 9, 2015


Around this time last year, we embarked on a trip to Copenhagen. I had never been to Denmark before and, being a big fan of scandi style, I couldn’t wait to wander the streets and experience first-hand everything that those stylish Danes had to offer.


As we were also now well and truly into the decoration stages of the renovation process, I was also on the lookout for some Danish designs we could incorporate into our new home.


Now when it comes to different aspects which make up an interior design, one of the most important for me is the lighting. Different uses of light can have a huge impact on the overall atmosphere and vibe of a space. While this was something we had considered right at the beginning of our renovation, and had been incorporating the different materials as we went along, what was missing were the final touches. We had the wiring, connections, bulbs and light switches all hooked up, but had not yet invested in the decoration aspects, like lampshades and pendants.


For the kitchen, we had always envisaged installing three light pendants over the bar and while our electrician had installed all the necessary cables, what was still missing were the pendants themselves (and of course, the missing details are the ones people tend to notice first, as outlined here!) After spotting a picture in a magazine, I fell in love with the hammered copper Stanley Medium Pendant Light. I loved its shimmer and daydreamed about all three lined up, united in casting a golden coppery glow over our kitchen bar!. The problem was the price…one was out of my price range, never mind all three. So while that was that, my love for copper had begun, and my search for shimmery lights continued!


Back in Denmark, and out and about in the streets of Copenhagen, we happened to walk past a lighting store near our hotel. They had bundles of choice so in we popped for a nosy around. You can imagine my joy when I spied stylish black pendant lightings with a copper frame. They would go well with our black kitchen bar and the copper would give that glow I was looking for. Plus, they were very reasonable priced.


The owner didn’t have three in store but would be happy to order them in and post them out to us back in France. Deal done. He explained to us how popular lighting was in Denmark, and he often came to France to scour out new styles and models. One thing he happened to mentioned which did ring true based on our experiences, was that while France has some beautiful lighting design available, you tend to have two opposite ends of the scale. Either the lighting is beautiful but with a beautifully expensive price tag to go with it, or the lighting is extremely basic but at a much more affordable price. There is not a large market providing any in between option. I like to think that this explains why we were behind with our decorative lighting scheme…


So back home we came, after an excellent weekend in Copenhagen, and our lights were delivered a few weeks later.





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