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Bathroom Blues

September 24, 2015


Sometimes moving into a new place can be scary. A number of problems could be waiting for you, whether it be nasty neighbours, leaky taps, or strange noises coming from above or below… …lucky for us we didn’t encounter any of these hidden surprises. By the time we actually moved into our flat we had spent pretty much every weekend there for the past 12 months, so we knew the space, the building and our neighbours relatively well. It already felt like home.


One of the first tasks we took on after moving in was painting the bathroom. Until now we had been focusing on getting the essential elements ready before the big move, things like installing the toilet and sink, plumbing work, tiling the shower and sink area and installing the floor tiles. Essentials aside however, there was still work to do to make the bathroom look pretty!


As I have outlined in another post, I wanted to work the bathroom’s decorative scheme around the Mediterranean style tiles we had purchased, so we were looking at a blue and cream theme which would go nicely with our mock wood floor tiles. We had installed classic cream tiles for the shower area, however the walls themselves were still looking sad and boring with just the one coat of white primer. They were ready for some colour.


I was generally looking to paint the walls a blue colour, but now the question was what shade of blue would go best. Originally I was set on more of a baby blue hue, but the blue of the tiles was a darker shade. Would too many blues spoil the broth? A friend of ours had recommended the French paint shop ‘Ressource’ to us, who not only have a great selection of colours and materials, but also give a great consultation service to decide what colour and style would work best for your given area.


So along we went, laden with samples of our blue tile, cream tile as well as the wooden floor tile – basically as many elements as possible to give them a real sense of what style we were after! 


The consultation service was a great help, and they advised us to go for as close a match to the blue of the Mediterranean tile as possible. My original inkling of baby blue was met with a firm shake of the head and a warning that too many colours in a small space could look disjointed. I was worried however that too dark a blue might make the room look smaller than it already was, especially since there aren’t any sources of natural light in the bathroom. To solve this issue, we were advised to paint just two of the four walls blue, leaving the third wall a neutral cream colour which matched the cream tiles making up the fourth and final wall around the shower. With this half-half method, the room wouldn’t feel too dark and closed in.


One other piece of advice we received was that the bathroom is a space that you can have a bit fun with and experiment with different colour combinations. This is even more relevant if, like in our case, the rest of the apartment has more of a neutral colour palate. Should any colour choices go disastrously wrong, it’s a small enough space to do over again and isn’t a room where you tend to spend a large amount of time either to be too bothered by any colour mishaps in the meantime.

So we were sold! Time to experiment now with the darker blue and break free from our neutral paint choices of the past. After painting the first big blue patch on the wall though I have to say that I wasn’t convinced and began feeling that this colour would be a mistake. But we kept on painting, and it seemed that the larger the area, the lighter and more defined the colour became. Our paint advisor had been right, and the blue walls definitely brought out the best of the Mediterranean tiles. Also, by painting just the two walls blue and the other two cream, it kept the room colourful and fun but still with a light and airy feel to it.


Take a look at the transformation yourself and see what you think.












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