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Turning Point

August 17, 2015


We’ve reached a turning point in the life of A French Address, because until now everything I have written about happened a long time ago. As I outlined in my very first post here, our renovation story was 19 months overdue, and the work I have been writing about was completed a while back.


When we finally moved into our apartment in April 2014, the space had undergone a major transformation, yet still wasn’t entirely finished. While comfortable enough to live in, there was still a long list of things left to complete before we could really kick back. The finishing touches to a space often makes up a large percentage of its overall impression, things like lampshades, skirting boards, a coat of fresh paint on the front door… to name but a few! Attention can quickly fall on these types of missing elements, rather than the important structural aspects we had also been focusing on like insulation, rendering and plastering. No one so far has said to us : ‘Wow, what beautifully plastered walls’… and why would they?! These elements are the ‘givens’, what you would expect to be completed, and are normally only noticed when something is wrong with them.


So while we were both itching to rest up, enjoy our new surroundings and have our life back again, we didn’t want to take too long a break and lose the rhythm and momentum we had been building up over the past year. In the end we compromised with ourselves, taking the summer off to relax and justifying it as the break we needed to get to know our space, understanding what elements were missing and what decorative items would work best… it was a nice summer!


So from now I will be focusing more on the finishing touches and decorative details of our apartment, rather than the structural elements which largely took up the first 12 months of work. Over the past year, these details have been keeping us busy and there is still a long way to go before we can consider our home as being truly finished, if that is even possible…


So stay tuned as A French Address takes a step into the present day!

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