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Let it Breathe

April 4, 2015


With the stone walls now exposed, this meant we had completed the entire south facing wall (hurrah!). With the rest of the apartment in its stripped back state, we now needed to think about the remaining walls and how we wanted them.


By stripping our apartment back to its shell, we discovered that with these old buildings there was limited consistency in terms of the building materials that make up its structure. From what we could see, it seemed that the walls were built out of whatever materials the builders could get their hands on at the time! For example, if you take a look at the photos below, you can see the walls are made up from bricks, stones, earth cladding and some type of strange concrete mesh.


We came across more stone wall sections, particularly in the hall. I admit we considered exposing these in the same style as the south wall, but as the French would say ‘trop de pierres, tue les pierres’ (literally ‘too many stones, kill the stones’) basically meaning don’t go overboard! This wall is also the first thing you see as you enter the apartment, and we didn’t want it to look and feel like we were living in an underground cave…we wanted something a bit lighter and softer as a first impression.


One more detail we had to think about was breathability. As the walls at this section were made out of stones and the building is relatively old, any trapped moisture could lead to damp problems… and nobody wants cracked flaky walls. For this reason we needed a product which would allow the walls to breathe. After a bit of research we decided that a lime wash would be the best solution.




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